How Long Will Your LED Lights Last?

There are a lot of benefits that come with installing LED lights, and one of those is the lifespan of the bulbs. Whether you’re updating your property or just want to try something new, you may be wondering how long LED lights actually last. Check it out!

Measuring Life Expectancy

LED lifespan is measured by determining when luminosity reaches 70% initial output. In some tests, it is reached around 10,000 hours, and others reach it at 50,000 hours. This could mean the life of your LED bulbs would last around 10 years depending on the situation.

Factors That Impact Life

There are three reasons an LED bulb might fail, which are direct factors that determine life expectancy. They are:
  • Heat Stress – LEDs are naturally a cooler bulb than incandescent bulbs, but they still produce heat. One of the main problems relating to heat stress is people know they produce less heat, so they take fewer precautions. Be sure your luminaries are the right size and the bulbs have plenty of ventilation.
  • Defects – When purchasing LED bulbs, you should check the component choice to see if the materials in the active region are of high quality. If not, they could be defective and cause the bulb to die prematurely.
  • Electrical Over Stress – EOS happens when more power is put through the LED bulb than the manufacturer recommends. This might be due to faulty power supplies, human error, faulty components, or other similar reasons.
The Final Answer

One really couldn’t say how long an LED lightbulb might last because there are so many factors at play, but in the right situation, yours could last up to a decade. For the longest life, use the appropriate power supplies, be sure the bulbs have adequate ventilation, turn the lights off when they’re not in use, and avoid installing your lights around a heat source.

Learning More About LED Lighting

If you’re ready to make the change from incandescent to LED lights, the results will be enlightening. Contact Progressive Energy Solutions by calling 720-487-1521 or emailing us today to learn more about the options you have. posted: April 30, 2020 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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