Benefits of LED Lighting Retrofit Services

LED lighting offers many benefits to business owners. While you’ve probably already heard of the energy efficiency of LED lights, discover other common benefits you could experience when you make the switch. Whether you’re operating a major manufacturing facility or a small office space, LED lighting can offer you these benefits, and more!

Energy Savings
Even if your current lighting is still working effectively, investing in complete LED retrofitting services is worth the investment. LED is dramatically more efficient than fluorescent or halogen bulbs. Many businesses enjoy complete payback in as little as two years. The payback period depends on your hours of operation and the number of lights in use, so work with a professional to receive an accurate estimate.

Efficient Replacements
Not only do LED lights use less electricity than other bulb types, but they also last longer. Long-lasting light bulbs reduce the time spent by your employees replacing bulbs, so you’ll enjoy far more efficient lighting and less downtime associated with dead bulbs.

Improved Employee Mood and Productivity
Lighting has a dramatic effect on overall employee performance. If your employee productivity and retention rates are struggling, lighting may be at least partially to blame. Invest in LED retrofitting and ensure that all your employees have ample light to avoid eye strain and discomfort on the job.
Typically, employees can increase their productivity and reduce the number of errors when they work in better lighting conditions. Even a small increase in lighting, over time, can increase your company’s productivity. Employees who feel more comfortable at work tend to be more productive and more willing to tackle difficult projects or work overtime.

Retrofit Your Lighting Today
Receive an estimate today to find out how you can enjoy affordable LED retrofitting services. Contact Progressive Energy Solutions for a full inspection and estimate of your retrofitting costs. See for yourself how you can improve your working conditions, increase employee retention, and enjoy lower utility bills for your commercial building. Call 720-487-1521 or email us today to learn more! posted: January 31, 2020 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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