Avoid These Common LED Conversion Mistakes

Make the change to LED lighting to enjoy brilliant illumination, long-lasting light, and cost-effective solutions for your commercial location. As you research LED and gear up for a partial or full LED conversion, avoid these common mistakes to make the conversion hassle-free and efficient for your business.

Trusting the Printed Rated Life Calculation
All LED lighting comes with a rated life calculation. However, these specifications can be deceiving. Typically, a lab tests LED lights on a 6,000-hour sample. After testing them at two temperatures, a manufacturer can then decide which temperature to choose and highlight on the specification sheet.
The result is that you often end up with a rated life calculation that is only achievable in a narrow temperature range, which usually doesn’t represent your typical commercial environment. Be sure your LED installation team understands the true scope of the rated life calculation before installing LED lighting.

Confusing CRI and CCT
These two measurements are easy to confuse but important to define carefully. CCT is measured in degrees Kelvin and shows you the color of the light. For example, a CCT of 2,700K will typically emit an orange or yellow light, while a CCT of 5,000K will appear blue.
CRI, on the other hand, is the color rendering index. This measures the relation of the true color and actual color. A CRI rating of 100 is best, while a lower rating means the LED light will produce slightly diminished coloring.

Choosing an Inexperienced Company
Finally, the biggest mistake in LED conversion is hiring an inexperienced team simply based on cost or convenience. Choose a qualified, experienced team of lighting experts to ensure long-lasting performance and efficient, safe installation. Contact Progressive Energy Solutions today to receive an estimate on a full or partial LED conversion for your commercial building. Avoid these mistakes and put your lighting conversion project in safe hands. Call 720-487-1521 or email us today to learn more! posted: November 27, 2019 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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