Advantages of LED Lights in Schools

The lighting in schools has changed drastically over the last century. Before the 1930s, schools were lit by daylight, but in 1945 fluorescent lighting was introduced to schoolhouses. These were economically friendly options at the time. However, fluorescent lighting is no longer the best option, especially when you take LED lighting into consideration.

Environmentally and Wallet-Friendly

LEDs are recyclable. When it comes to lighting options, LEDs are the most environmentally friendly. LED lighting uses much less energy than other forms of lighting technology, resulting in lower energy and maintenance costs. When switching to LED lights, you can decrease energy consumption by 35%. Most schools could use the money they save on more important things.  

Psychologically Beneficial

Did you know that LED lighting can help improve relaxation, mood, and concentration? When it comes to a student’s physical health, his or her circadian rhythm has an impact. Cooler color temperatures help students wake up in the morning and aids in focus. Students are more alert and ready to learn.
Bright lights can also help treat depression. In the winter months, students are prone to seasonal depression, after all, they miss out on a lot of daylight hours. Switching to LED lights can encourage a bright mood.  

Increase Learning Ability

When you have proper lighting in a school, you can create an effective learning environment. It is important that students are able to move throughout the school at ease, using LED lighting throughout the school can do this.  Color temperature has an effect on students’ visual skills. If you adjust school lighting to match the energy level needs of the students, they will be more productive.

For commercial lighting installation in your school, contact Progressive Energy Solutions. LED lighting can be crucial to the safety, health, and academic performance of students. How your building is lit will play a role in the student’s ability to learn. Call 720-487-1521 or email us to make a positive impact on your school today! posted: September 25, 2019 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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