Top 3 Reasons to Choose LED Parking Garage Lighting

Electricity costs can be a major factor in reducing profits from parking garages. Regardless of the size of the garage, find out how your professional parking garage can benefit from upgrading to LED lighting. Here are three common reasons that professional garages switch to LED lighting.

Improved Performance
LED lighting is a high-performance alternative to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. With LED, your lights will shine much brighter and have a more comfortable color. Most LED options allow you to spread light more consistently rather than a single hot spot and diffused light spreading out.
When you switch to LED, you have the option of altering the color of your lights. Whether you want to adjust to a more natural lighting, color-code particular areas of your parking garage, or simply leave them at a pure white light, you’ll enjoy a wider range of performance customization when you use the latest LED lighting.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Choose an innovative LED bulb and fixture and you’ll enjoy a long-lasting light source. Unlike traditional lights, you can expect your LED light to last far longer and avoid sudden burnouts. These dynamic lights slowly lose their efficiency, which gives you time to replace them before they completely lose power.

Increased Energy Efficiency
Discover how your parking garage can enjoy up to 60% energy savings compared to traditional lighting. While the initial investment may be more to upgrade to LED, your parking garage will save money the first month and continue to save money throughout the life of your new lighting.

If you’re ready to receive a quote and discover an affordable, energy-efficient, and high-performance alternative to your current lighting, contact Progressive Energy Solutions today. Don’t let the upfront investment keep you from saving money in the long run and taking advantage of all the excellent features and high-intensity light available to you. Contact us by calling 720-487-1521 or sending an email today! posted: August 12, 2019 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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