Energy Efficiencies and Solutions

Progressive Energy Solutions in Denver, Colorado offers many energy efficient solutions for your refrigeration and evaporative cooling needs. Improved lighting and illumination for your product displays mean better sales and increased energy savings. Eliminate glare and preserve your product packaging. Give Progressive Energy Solutions in Denver a call today and let us show you the difference an efficient cooling solution can make in your store.

Evaporative PreCoolers

Have a Cool Day Pre-Cooling Additive

PreCooling helps to increase energy efficiency by 20 percent, increase cooling capacity by 15 percent,
and extends the usable life of your HVAC system equipment and AC Systems.

The PreCooler (seen in the above photo in brown with stainless steel housing) is attached to the air intake side of the HVAC Condenser unit.

Please Call Progressive Energy at (303) 756-1938 to learn more about Evaporative PreCooling.

Evaporative Cooler Motors


Silver Bullet Water Treatment

Silver Bullet Water Treatments

The Silver Bullet water treatment system eliminates the use and storage of toxic chemicals, reduces water consumption by increasing cycles of concentration, and saves energy by increasing heat transfer efficiency.

The Silver Bullet system also enables users to qualify for LEED credits, and water and tax rebates where available.

Please Call Progressive Energy at (303) 756-1938 to learn more about the Silver Bullet Water Treatment solution. 

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